Get the most out of your data.

Gain Visibility

Make better decisions across your business with a real-time, single source of truth.

increase productivity

Enhance operations by sharing information across teams and between resources.

reduce errors

Trim off errors and prevent costly mistakes by protecting users from themselves.
Grow your business

Tallyworks Lumber is seamless software suite that cuts through operational complexity and manages lumber production through primary breakdown to sale and shipment. Produce more efficiently and sell smarter.

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Inventory & Sales Intelligence
Sell Smarter

Give your sales team the power to know what you have in stock, what's in production, and when it will be available so they can sell you what you have and improve customer relations. Give your production team real-time visibility into what your customers need - without calling a meeting.

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Innovation Built-In
Know your margins

Robust costing tools allows you to track materials, labor, and machine costs at each stage of production. Make sure the deals you're making are keeping you in the green.

Icon of mobility tablet
In-Yard Mobility
Master your tally

Tally, ship, transfer and complete inventory counts on a handheld mobile device running our Android applications. Never make a costly packing mistake again with shipping validation tools and real-time updates to inventory.

A Trusted Partner That Knows Your Pain Points
Enhance Operations

Streamline time intensive sales tasks with the ability to handle multiple contracts at once, auto populate information into orders, and assign freight codes.

Robust Reporting

Identify critical operational insights with run analysis and costing reports so you know your margins before you close the sale.

Align Resources

Save time and reduce errors by integrating directly with log inventory software, machine centers, tally systems, and accounting software.

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Legna creates the software and technologies that help you get the most out of your data so you can get the most out of your business.
“Integrating Angel has saved us over $250k annually.”
Buddy the Elf— Santa's Workshop
“Aside from Bearded Jesus, hiring Airtype was my wisest decision.”
Woody Rich, CEO — Legna Software
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