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  1. Legna creates the software that helps wood products producers, manufacturers and distributors get the most out of their business.

    Legna (formerly known as TradeTec) has been committed to the wood products industry for 30+ years. We know what data is most important because we know the industry from having worked in it. Through real-time visibility and access to insights throughout your entire process, we help you make your smartest decisions.

    More Than A Software Suite

    Top-to-bottom, End-to-End Solutions
    Legna offers integrated software for every segment of the wood products industry, for all sizes of manufacturers and distributors.
    Unrivaled Customer Support
    Legna offers the most responsive service with one of the largest customer support staffs in the industry.
    Real-Time Visibility and Analytics
    Real-time access to valuable insights enables Legna customers to make better, more-informed decisions.
    Flexible, Reliable Architecture
    Our software's flexible architecture collects the most useful data for the unique way your business runs.
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    The TallyWorks log inventory and procurement software solution is able to manage standing timber and log inventory by location and facilitate all the transactions that occur duing the procurement process. TallyWorks can tie directly to your financial system allowing all contractor payments and timber settlements and/or log sales, consumption and adjustments to be recorded into your G/L, A/R and A/P. TallyWorks tracks all this and maintains a perpetually costed inventory at cost and market valuations.


    The TallyWorks Lumber solution is a powerful tool for managing all aspects and all segments of the wood products industry beyond primary breakdown. With its vast configuration tools and easy movement between Units of Measure, TallyWorks Lumber is a powerful application used in hardwood mills, remanufacturing plants, millwork and value-added plants, distribution centers, plywood and veneer production, wholesaling operations and speciality. TallyWorks Lumber can be used in integration with TallyWorks Logs or as a standalone application for managing all states of lumber inventory and sawmilling operations, including all the value-added processes you undertake.


    Legna believes strongly that a powerful management application is an integrated and reliable one. Legna is proud to be the developer of the most ergonomic and powerful software on the most ‘rugged’ handheld available to the industry. LogMaster is our scaling and log trading handheld software. Logs received can be scaled in your yard or remotely and can be scaled as a received load. LogMaster and TallyWorks automatically link these up with your timber management and your contractor payables, applying this data to authorized contracts. LogMaster is also a powerful Log Trading tool. Legna is the supplier and service center for your handheld extension of the TallyWorks Suite. For Chain Tally, End Tally, Block Tally and Shipping, Transfers and Physical Counts, Tallymaster can connect your yards with your office in real time.

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    Legna tailored an implementation for our people and our processes that far exceeded my expectations.
    Sid Lanier
    Sales Manager, H.W. Culp Lumber Company
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