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Angel is the latest innovation from Legna Software, a leading software developer for more than 30 years in the wood products industry.

A cutting edge solution is finally here.

Introducing Angel, a mobile, cloud-based platform from Legna Software developed for timber procurement, settlement and inventory management.

Angel Mobility
Enhanced business intelligence driving resource allocation eliminating costly errors.
Angel Efficiency
Procurement, settlement and inventory solutions, on one easy to use cloud-based platform.
Angel Productivity
Real-time data access anywhere, be it in the office, at the scale, or in the field.
Say “timber” to tedious management.

Increase operational efficiency and enhance overall business productivity with a single end goal: drive profitability.

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Angel Tickets Screen
Angel Inventory Screen
Operate with a clear line of sight.

Angel ensures that all stakeholders have access to the same data in real time, eliminating wasted time and costly errors.

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Angel is a web-based platform supported by four mobile applications:
Loader App
Loader enables loggers to create an e-ticket in the field, providing immediate visibility into what products are being loaded and where they're being sent.
Transporter app icon
Transporter marries paper tickets with electronic tickets, eliminating the need for time-consuming ticket matching and reconciliation.
Receiver App
Receiver allows scale operators to easily match electronic tickets generated in the field with an arriving load.
Unloader app icon
Unloader enables log yard operators to capture load attributes and sync them to existing e-tickets in real-time.
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